Guide to Table Braiding for the Beginner

Replacement book--"BRAIDS"

KumiHimo and the Victorian Art of Hair Work are so similar, you would wonder who really developed the technique first. TABLE SOLD SEPARATELY $89.95

You use a similar table and patterns for each, but with a different material. While KumiHimo uses silk the Victorians used human hair. 

Bobbins sold separately. 20g $6.50ea. $5.00 with table.


This book looks at braiding on a marudai (round stand) which is the most popular in Victorian hair art. Although the Victorians used a table with a top that turns, you can still easily braid on one that does not.

This book sets out to demonstrate that braiding does not have to be difficult. It follows step by step instructions from setting up the table to finishing off your work. There is a section on bobbins, weights and other equipment you may fine necessary to complete your project.  You will design a square braid, round, flat, hollow and honeycomb braid. And if you chose to, not to use human hair or horsehair, than you can switch to yarn or silk of many colors...Or get creative, combine the two. Once you know the technique of Kumi Himo, you will be on your way to doing Victorian Hair work jewelry, pictures and many other creative projects. So get started. You won't be disappointed.! Free shipping within the US. International $11.95 priority 

Instead of using silk or yarn, use human hair or horsehair. Pattern the same for both.