Braiding With Horsehair



Braiding With Horse Hair

Several easy to follow illustrated instructions makes this 26 page booklet a  must for the new artist.

This book will enable you to do many braiding projects with horse hair. All the basic steps are included. The braid itself is a square or flat braid. The book will show you how to attach tassels and parts and how to cover joins with a beautiful Button Knot. To do this, you will use two styles of hat bands as a project. These will include all the basic steps, and you can go from there to make whatever you want.

Horse Hair Knots You  will began with the preparation of the hair to braid. Next the braid work, then how to assemble the project. and finish it with the Button Knot and Ring Knot.

The bowline Quick Release Knot, as seen on the left, is a good knot that holds tight, but is easy to unite. You will want to master it, as you will use it when making the Button Knot. This page from the book is an example of the easy illustrated instruction you will be working with.

Happy Braiding!

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