How to Hitch Horsehair  OUT OF PRINT 

How to Hitch Horsehair
We now live in the "Technology Age" Horsehair hitching is an exciting form of art that has experienced a resurgence in interest in recent years and to date is impossible to mass produce with machinery. It is of vital importance that horsehair hitching principles are passed on from generation to generation in order to perpetuate it's existence.

Table of Contents
81 pages-- Easy illustrations

  1. Materials Used in Hitching
  2. Construction of a lap board and horsehair press
  3. Twisting horsehair
  4. Dying horsehair
  5. The Hitching process
  6. Pattern construction
  7. Finishing your hitched horsehair
  8. Knot work & Hair tassels
  9. Pattern illustrations
  10. Hitched Horsehair Projects

    a. belts
    b. hobbles
    c. sliding ear headstalls w/ hitched cheek & ear pieces.
    d. bosal

Hand sewn knots, buttons & hitch work which can be used on headstalls.

This book is presented in a step by step format with LARGE ILLUSTRATIONS  to provide an easy method to learn horsehair hitching. It is a self published book by Clay Christensen. It should be noted that there are several ways to hitch horsehair and the author is presenting what he feels to be the best method.