Ladies Fancy Work-Hairwork, Paper Flowers, Feather-work, Straw-work, Shell-work, Bead-work-216pgs.


Written in 1876 and republished in 2003
216 pgs.

Hair Work was a popular craft in the latter part of the nineteenth century where it took many forms in two distinct disciplines, braiding and flower making, both primarily relegated to the sentimental expression of deceased loved ones.

Another market was commercial where hair was imported and sold for the making of fine jewelry, typically incorporating precious metal findings, with recorded yearly imports of hair estimated to be about 600,000 pounds a year by the year 1875. The techniques of hair braiding are well recorded in the ART OF HAIRWORK (of which I also sell on Ebay)

The technique of making HAIR FLOWERS are mainly unreported with the descriptions in this volume being the only printed instructions that this publisher is aware of. These floral designs were generally incorporated into wreaths and other elaborate memorial floral arrangements that would then be framed with a picture of the deceased. Other hair flowers techniques followed that of straw-craft flowers, popular in the Scandinavian countries.

The other chapters included in this book are of similar fascination in that they reflect on techniques and ornamental work which remain locked in the past.
Chapters include:

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