This 98 pages on Mexican method of horse training has been standardized for generations, passed from father to son. The results are very uniform, considering the individual nature of the horse. The horse will follow the master's will as well as his mood. The horse is obedient at all times and will go with style and energy called "brio."

The method is based on the natural instincts of the horse. Webster defines instinct as "powerful natural impulse and innate ability." Every horse has the same powerful natural impulse and that is what is dealt with first. The horses are all started in the same way. How they react will tell the trainer what their innate abilities are.

Every step of the training has a predetermined purpose and that is to teach the horse to accept the master as his boss.

This book will teach you to teach your horse to accept you as their master. It will guide you through turns, backing up, reining, bits, putting into stall, arena, dancing and the gear needed. It instructs you on making a fiador knot rigging the bozal and making a gamarra.

This book is loaded with information and photo's. A must for the horse lovers library. 
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