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1840-1950 Old Jewelry
Lots of nice hairwork shown

jeanenne.gif (15390 bytes)C. Jeanenne Bell, G.G. brings to her writing over 20 years of experience in all phases of the antique jewelry business. She is an avid collector of hairwork and an active wholesaler and retailer. Check out her new book released in May 1999

C. Jeanenne Bell
Jeanenne Bell's story

Fox Studio' New York called The Hairwork Society and asked who would be the best hair authority for giving a segment on Victorian Hair Jewelry. Well of course, C.Jeanenne Bell came to mind. With all the devotion and research given to her new book, soon to be release in May, I felt Jeanenne was well prepared for the trip.
"Go" Jeanenne "Go,"
Please take me with you!

WE made the trip to NY and Jeanenne was on Fox FX.(Watch for the reruns) It was only 3 1/2 minutes of airtime so I didn't get on, but I was there and we had a GREAT time! Except, the day of the show, I opened the cab door on the curb side and a fellow on a bicycle ran into it. I about had a heart attach when he went flying. Everything turned out ok, although I left the cabbie trying to fix his door.... New York...You really had to be there!.

Other books and resource information
  • "Jewelry in America 1600-1900" by
    Martha Gandy Fales.
    This book contains a very nice chapter on hairwork, as well as great pics and wonderful text on jewelry in general.
  • "Collecting Victorian Jewelry" by
    Mary Peter

    is an older book that you may find in your library and that has a nice chapter devoted to hair.
  • "Warman's Jewelry" by Christie Romero
    Nice section on hairwork!
  • "Ornamental Hair-Work" by Carmelita Johnson
    A novices guide to collecting jewelry and household items made from, or decorated with, human hair". This was published in 1980 by Orirana Press.
    It's a treasure if you can find it!
  • Antique shop Guides
  • "Antique and Twentieth Century Jewelry,
    A guide for collectors"
    by Vivienne Becker,
    published by N.A.G. Press ISBN 0-7198-0171-0.
    It has two good chapters called Mourning Jewelry
    and Collecting in Unusual Materials.