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The reason for wearing jewellery are more complicated than a basic desire for self-adornment. People have used charms and amulets from the earliest times to try to protect themselves against the vast and incomprehensible range of ills that might befall them. By the seventieth century symbols were beginning to be used for jewelry which was made not to warn of mortality in general but to commemorate the death of specific individuals.

This book is full of such jewelry items. From the Georgian era through the Victorian era. 40 Pages of colored photo's. Details of their use and and how to locate them in today's market.

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This is not a how to book. In this book Ann Louise Luthi tells the history of sentimental jewellery. She describes the origins of mourning jewellery and helps the reader to identify these appealing jewels, which can tell us much about the way in which our ancestors lived, loved and died.

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