$60.00 Sand painting Yei Dancer
Yei means Spirit Being
The most beautiful sand painting I own. The pictures do not do it justice. The coloring is wonderful.
professionally mounted in nice solid wood frame.

This is a sign piece of art.
by Ei Yazzi (I think?)

It is professional framed with a wire hanger

The Navajo word for sand paintings means "place where the gods come and go." The Navajo people consider the universe to be an intricate and complicated structure with both the spiritual and the physical entwined and dependent. If any part becomes unbalanced, powerful forces are released and may bring great evils. Man is the main up setter of this balance. In order to stabilize the forces, a Chant way ceremony is performed, with various types conducted for different troubles. They include the Water Chant, the Hail way Chant, the Shooting Way Chant, and many more. During the procedure, a sand painting is created. It must be begun and completed in one daylight period, from sunrise to sunset. The symbolism is centuries old, having been passed down from generation to generation.

Sand painting is a Navajo art used in healing ceremonies. A healer creates the painting from colored sand, crushed rock, and plant pollens in a design that depends upon the patient's ailment and follows a strict formula. The patient sits upon the finished painting as the healer sings or recites the proper chants. Human figures and plant forms typically appear in sand paintings. The sand painting is intended to be hung within a frame or by attaching picture hangers to the back of the board.

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