Just a few items from my COLLECTION Marlys Fladeland


The dates of these pieces are between ca.1840 to ca.1890

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silver.gif (41276 bytes)
I was told this is a Scottish piece. It  has a unique open weave of golden brown hair and is sliver, but not marked.
Click to see close up of snake design


nama.gif (22095 bytes)
This locket has no pictures. The only mark(?) I could find is on the back, Looks like a 1. The name on locket is NAMcA The locket may be rose gold
Click on locket to see larger image.

../images/flower.gif (32374 bytes)
This is a flower made of human hair.
-3rd piece- a hair flower is one of the genteel arts of 19th century woman. The fashion magazines often had articles concerning the technique in weaving hair. Most often these flowers or wreaths were placed in shadow boxes to hang in the parlor. The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond VA has an example of one made from the most famous southern generals of the Civil War.Suzanne Carter

On the right is a nice bracelet or fob. It is in excellent condition. It has been braided all as one piece.The change is design is most definite. There are 2 small red ruby's on the barrel above the stone.
I'm not sure what the stone is.

blueb.gif (33799 bytes)

old.gif (26619 bytes)
This could have been a necklace. The hook is old and appears to have had some repairs.
Click for close up.

horse.gif (22510 bytes)
This is made of horsehair.The bar has letters OWO or OMO and a pat. number of (?) PAT. FER204868(?) hard read read clearly. The bell is open. No other marks.
Click for closer look.

oldwatch.gif (27484 bytes)
This is probably my oldest piece. I saw the same findings in the Neb. Pioneer Museum dated 1862. The locket has hair in it and the hook is old.
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../images/box2.gif (29684 bytes)
This bracelet is marked 14k (on the safety hook) The inside of box lid appears to have the name of the company that made it. The letters are not very visible, but looks like J.C.Caldwell & Co. The city is Philadelphia. The name Hiram is engraved on the back . The cameo is authentic and is Medusa with the snakes in her hair.
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jadesm.jpg (16526 bytes).

Found this Jade piece at an antique mall. Have a watchfob that was missing one.

#10pin.gif (13891 bytes) pback.gif (13379 bytes)This is a slide pin. It is made of rose gold and the back is made for a ribbon to slide in. The hair is weaved and is a pretty color of ash.The pin is 3/4 in. wide and the hair is covered with a inverted beveled glass.
Click on photo of back for more information.

watch.gif (27069 bytes)

The watchfob on the left is missing 3 stones. It has the initials JEB on the back. Click on the locket to see the photos inside. The piece to the right was the first I purchased. It has 2 colors of hair. I could not find a mark on it, but the amber stone is real.
Click to see stone.

amber.gif (40257 bytes)

More collection coming soon

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