Policy and How to sell your hair on hairwork.com

Any individual person (man or woman) may post their hair for sale on my site. 
Individual means, 1 person, 1 head of hair. No businesses.

No multiple sells in one ad. Each tail, full head, must be from 1 person.
Each additional item requires and additional ad.

This site is not designed for businesses.
Reason for this is business takes away the sell of the common person who may need
money for what ever reason they choose. As a business you can advertise as an individual seller
1 item at a time just as an individual does.

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Sellers may change the ad "description" once (1 time) while the ad is running.
However, it "does have to befor the same hair that was originally being sold.
If it is different hair, than it requires a new ad and another $25
Changes are typical if you have cut your hair or if it is longer than when the ad was placed.
Or if you want to remove or add a price for your hair. (although I recommend you do not put a starting price in your ad.
Let the buyers make you an offer) Photo's can not be changed or added without a charge.


 Be sure to send good photo's the first time. Blurry, distorted, tacky photo's do not sell your hair.
Take a picture of the back of your hair; also in a pony tail. Weigh and measure hair properly
(How to weigh and measure)
Take your photo's with a GOOD camera.  Send them to me by email in JPG format.

You are allowed two (2) photo's. If you wish additional photo's there is a $2.00 charge for each additional photo.
I will scan and resize photo's as well as block out any visual of your face. (This is for your safety)
I will not accept any photo's with any form of nudity. This is for both men and women. 
No bare backs, or inappropriate frontage.

(when linking to another website There is be a $5.00 link charge.)
Photo's cannot be changed once ad has been placed online unless you pay a $2.00 photo upload charge for each photo

You can request a refund any time before the ad is posted. Once ad is posted on line there are NO REFUNDS.

Ad price $25.00 for 3 month posting.

Please submit your request to sell your hair by email or postal mail and include, description, 2 photo's and a $25.00 ad fee paid by check or Money order or prepaid through paypal.
Checks will have to clear before ad is posted. Any bad checks will be reported to my collection agency and you will have to pay an addition fee. Please no bad checks! If you wish to use your credit card to pay for your ad, sign up with PayPal. I do not accept personal credit cards.

A buy now button has been provided for your convenience. My payapl ID is paypal@hairwork.com
Any questions feel free to contact me for more information before you order your ad.