What  is the meaning of remy human hair?

           Origin  of Remy Hair
• 1         It started in India, where women, men, children, babies, and
teenagers donate their hair as a spiritual sacrifice to the
government-owned temple named Tirumala Tirupati Balaji. Then the temple
sells the hair to those who want to buy.
• 2           There are some conditions , however, regarding who can bid
on the hair. One cannot simply come in off the street and place a bid, it
is more  complex  than that. But the  finest  thing is that amount from
the hair sale goes back into the society, to people who can't  have enough
money for health care, education, and other necessities  of life.
• 3           Once the hair gets to the remy hair facility, they sort
through each and every strand  of hair to make sure no gray hair is
present . Then we wash and condition the hair, put it on a weft.

         100% Virgin Remy Hair!
• 1             You can be sure  that no additives, silicone coatings or
enhancers are ever applied to your hair using remy hair. The reason for
this is simple .100% natural remy hair comes from donors in India, and
authentic Indian hair is either naturally black or naturally brown, not
blonde or jet black, etc.
• 2           Hence Indian Remy Hair is 100% virgin Indian Remy Hair in
its natural color: Natural Black Or Natural Brown. Hence  you will be
wearing best Remy Hair.
•Hair Weaving Method:-
• 1        Hair weaving, being a part of hair care is a process of
addition or extension of hair by weaving or braiding. In the process human
hair or synthetic hair is woven to the root area of the hair so that it
grows naturally. It is also termed as hair  rise  and hair integration .
• 2       There are many reasons why women today go for hair weaving. Not
only women even men go for this hair technique. The basic reasons why
people go for weaving of hair is baldness and a wide range of hair and
scalp diseases like alopecia total is, alopecia universalis, bums,
radiation, etc. The weaving also improves the hairstyle of  a person.

            Different hair types
•: it are  used for various hair weaving techniques. The most common type is:
• It is also called Indian Hair Weft. It is the hair that is sewn at the
top. The hair is sewn either using a machine called machine weft or using
hand termed as hand-weft. Depending on quality of hair wefts are
classified into remy weft and non-remy weft. Remy hair is also called
virgin hair. It is bundled in a manner where roots of the hair fall on the
one side and tips of the hair on the other  side. Non-remy hair is also
termed as fallen hair. The roots and tips of hairs are all  joined with
non-remy hairs.
•The Indian hair wefts are micro thin and provide for a flat weave. They
are available  in lengths ranging from 10” to 16”.  The wefts are designed
 specially  for women who want a natural looking weave.

             Types of remy hair:-
•They are three  various  types of hair:
•1) Straight
•2) Curly
•3) Wavy
•They are available in machine weft, micro weft and hand tied weft.
Machine weft is the most available.
•1) Straight remy hair: It is a naturally straight  pattern with a hint of
body wave to create just  sufficient  detail and volume. This hair is
versatile and can be worn naturally straight, bone straight (with a flat
•2) Curly remy hair: The naturally curly 100% Virgin Remy Single Drawn
unprocessed Indian hair is gorgeous  and can also be worn straight by
using a flat iron, or can be deep curled with proper treatment (consult
your stylist). The length of curly hair is measured when straight and not
when curly.
•3) Wavy remy hair: This beautiful and natural wavy Indian hair has a
loose bouncy  pattern and feels perfect on your head. Use a good hair gel
when wet and crunch it to get deeper waves. The length of wavy hair is
measured when straight and not when wavy.

•Answers to 100% virgin Indian remy hair:-
• You will find that there will be no lice eggs in the hair.
• All Cuticles are running in the same direction.
• No Gray Hair in the Machine Wefts.
• No  Tangling  up in remy hair.
Remy Hair Care:
•The care is taken when cutting it from the head of the donor and
maintaining the cuticles intact is what makes the distinction between Remy
hair and non Remy hair. It is normally  believed  that it is the highest
quality hair a person can use for human hair wigs and hair extensions;
therefore , it is also the most expensive . It is considered  by most to
be well worth the price because it can be treated exactly the same as
one's own hair.

•The care about remy hair is taken in the same way you take care about
your own hair:-
• It must be washed properly and well conditioned.
• It must be dried properly.
• It must be combed regularly
• It must be kept in a clean, dry and safe place.