Braiding Table

This Smaller table can easily be used for hairwork. $89.95 Retail at $102.00


Constructed of laminated hardwood , it is easily assembled and disassembled. Comes with a KAKU DAI
(6" square) and 2 MARU DAI (7.5" & 9.5" round) heads. 24" high. Fine, hard clear finish suitable for the
finest silks, yarn and hairwork. $102.00 RETAIL

shipping $16.00
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$89.95 --Shipping $16.00 Parcel Post or FedEx

Bobbins sold separately 20g $6.50ea. $5.00 with table order

Table braiding is the most complex technique in Victorian Hairwork. Table braiding is similar to Japanese KUMI HIMO. What makes the design is the pattern used. If a necklace has the appearance of round balls attached together in an open weave, it is done with a particular pattern. The book "Art of Hairwork " has the many patterns, but the book "Beginner's guide to braiding, KUMI HIMO" has more information on setting up the table and weights. Weights can be anything from lace bobbins, kumo himo bobbins, fishing weights (the long ones) or camera canisters with beads in them for weight. You need about 20gr.for each weight. I would recommend that you get both books to begin with. There is one change in the instructions when tying the weights. Use string connected to the weight, with the other end tied to the strands of hair. Don't try or wrap the hair directly around the weight. Use the string.
Hope this helps.