Lace Bobbins can be used for Horsehair & Hairwork -Check below for Kumi Himo

When working with hair the weight of the bobbins depends on the amount of hairs that are in the strand. Varying the size and weight of the bobbin according to the number of hairs in the strand, gives your project a nicer finish. For fine open work or tight braids you would use from 1-4 strands of hair, you would need a lighter weight or smaller bobbin about 20g. For other strands with 5-20 hairs, you would use a larger or heavier weighted bobbin. 40g-60g  Most all of these bobbins would work without weights. But you may need to weight some of these bobbins depending on the design you wish to achieve. You can use beads, & buttons for weighting. You may need to drill a hole in the bottom to attach your weight. If you tie weights around the base you may find that they do not hang straight and may lead to some complication while braiding. You can also hang your weights when using the inexpensive lace bobbins by sticking a thumbtack in the bottom. Attach your beads to a fish line or thread and wrap and knot it around the thumbtack so as the weights hang straight down. The English bobbin Rosewood is really beautiful for the serious hair worker. It already has a hole in bottom to attach weights.
You can also try weighted film canisters, fishing sinkers or lead weights (this is what the Swedish use, lead weights) The whole idea is to use the proper weight for the project. What you use for weights is not as important and the finished product it. It will take some experimenting. Do not get discourage. There are a few books to help with the weight issue.
 1. Art of Hairwork 2. Beginners Guide to Braiding  3. Braids
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ENGLISH BOBBIN, BONE-heavier weight.
3 7/8" Bone bobbin drilled with hole for spangles. (TV13)  $6.50 each Contact for availability

 1/4" x 4-1/2" hardwood with a clear hole, drilled for spangles . Suitable for most threads  (LC03) pack of 12
 each $12.00. Each additional bobbin sold separately $2.00 each.

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$12.00 pack of 12
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$2.00 each additional LC03 bobbin Or in amounts less than 12 pack

To "spangle" a pair of English bobbins , set includes seven beads and spangling wire for each bobbin. (BL015) $3.75


$3.75 each


19th c. decorated bobbins with spangles of various beads, each in a clear plastic gift box with a descriptive card.

 Bobbins, Antique; English, dec w/spgs; Bst (LC42)   $40.00 each

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$40.00 each

Hardwood, sanded unfinished. A medium weight economical bobbin. (AN06) Recommended for hairwork.$3.00 each

$3.00 each


4" medium weight, finely finished beechwood (OR16) Recommended for hairwork $3.75


$3.75 each


Hardwood, 3/8" x 5.5" sold in packs of 24. An economical bobbin designed for beginner and class use. Suitable for a variety of threads. (HN02), $30.00 Best value for the beginner.
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$30.00 for 24 pack

Lacquered hardwood: A light weight maple bobbin, the most popular for traditional lace making with fine threads (GS01) $2.10

$2.10 each

4" light weight, finely finished beechwood with bulbous base (OR14) $3.75

$3.75 each

Kumi Himo Bobbins-

20g weight (no lead core) best for hair work.(LB19) $6.50 each or $5.00 when ordering with table need 18 for the more sophisticated designs. Beginners 6-10 to start 85g  available!!!!!!!


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Turned wood bobbins in traditional shape, 1.3" x 1.3" with or without a lead core as necessary for designed weight. 
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